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Hey there! (: Feel free to submit anything vintage. Especially pictures of women of color as they are quite scarce and not featured enough. I would like to point out that these images are not mine unless otherwise stated. Please note that, although I often post photographs of women wearing fur, it is not something I support. Thank you!
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This is my most reblogged photo of all time, and I always have to grin whenever it pops up on my dashboard as it gets notes.

Firstly because I don’t even like the picture itself that much. I just Googled something random and I found the photo on some obscure website. I always thought it was rather generic, and I think there’s far better content on my blog than what is portrayed here. But secondly, and most of all, it makes me laugh because people tag it with things like ‘soft grunge’, ‘yolo’, ‘partyhard’ and any other kind of meaningless slang that people my age are into these days, while in reality, this is a photo of Studio 54 in the ’80s, and these might very well be your own parents dancing… Not so glamorous now, is it?

Anyway, to me it has come to respresent something timeless. Because at times I do worry about my generation’s influence on the world. Some things are of all ages, though, and this just goes to show. 

I’m reblogging what’s originally (people keep changing the source) my own photo now, because the picture does have something festive to it, and I wanted to celebrate the fact that I hit 1111 followers yesterday. I wanted to thank you all so much! Not just for the notes, but because I know that there’s some old souls out there just like myself. It’s so much more fun when you can share your interests with other people, and tumblr really reinforces that feeling. 

Thanks you guys! (:
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"Nastassja Kinski and the Serpent"
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